Why did Paulig design Muki?

Innovation and curiosity have been values at Paulig since the company was founded. We wanted to continue this heritage. The trend of branded cups, which has been huge in the world, is now in Finland and that's why coffee cups are also an important part of the visibility of Paulig's brand in the future.

Coffee is a social beverage and the take away culture is strong. As a curious small roasting factory from Vuosaari, we wondered whether reusable cups could be taken to next level.

What materials have been used in production of Muki?

All materials that touch the coffee and/or the user are food save. The electronics inside Muki are made of conventional components required for its functionality. There are no ceramic parts in Muki.

Why isn't the display colored?

The technology utilizes the heat of the coffee to produce a small amount of electricity - enough for the chosen display. We wanted to offer the best possible user experience and offer as many pictures as possible.

Why is the display so grainy?

The display is a so called e-paper display which creates a unique black and white artistic look.

Why is Muki so heavy?

The collection of heat and transformation of it to electricity requires metallic parts that make Muki a bit heavier. The double shell structure also doubles the amount of plastic materials used in the Muki.

In what colors will Muki be available in the future?

Muki is launched in three different lids: turquoise, orange and grey.

Can you wash Muki in dishwasher?

No, you can't. The right way to wash Muki is by hand.

Can you put Muki in a microwave oven?

No, you can't. Muki contains some electronic parts.

How is the heat of coffee transformed into electricity?

The heat of coffee is collected so that an aluminum component leads it to a thermoelectric generator that produces electricity (sc. Seebeck effect). The electricity is stored in a SuperCap capacitor and is enough to display approximately 10 pictures. At the bottom of Muki there is a circuit board with a Bluetooth low energy module that is used to connect to mobile devices. This receives the pictures from the phone.

Can you drink something else from Muki than coffee?

You can drink cold beverages, but then the heat energy can't be produced to use the display. Stick with coffee!

Is Muki breakable?

Muki is produced to withstand normal use. Muki's shell is made of polycarbonate - when choosing the materials for all parts of Muki the resistance was one of the key points.

How can you ensure that Muki is safe to use? Does electrical energy cause harmful radiation in the drink / environment?

We have been very careful when designing Muki so that the product is safe to use. When compared to other general electric products the electric power of Muki is very small, therefore it does not harm either the drink or the environment.

How long is Muki's guarantee?

Muki is made to withstand normal usage under the regulations of consumer law. Muki does not have an actual guarantee - due to the fact that the regulations of consumer law may vary in different countries, please check the recommendations of the country in which you live. Flawed Mukis will be changed according to normal practice.

How long will a picture appear on Muki?

Muki's screen will always show the latest picture sent. One of the features of the e-paper display is that the picture does not disappear and that's why Muki's screen is never blank.

How I can change the photo?

A substantive part of Muki is the mobile application where the control of your photo steam happens. Pictures change automatically or you can choose the option to change images manually. The application allows you to choose pictures from you photo stream or take a new photo and with just one click send it to your Muki. You can also surprise your friends and send pictures to his/hers Muki.

Where is Muki produced?

The design and development are made in Finland. The production and assembly are made in Estonia (EU).

Who is producing Muki?

The producer of Muki is Gustav Paulig Oy.

How I can recycle Muki?

As Muki has electronic components it is not recommended to use normal mixed waste when recycling Muki. Muki can be recycled with other electronic products under market-specific regulations, please check the regulations of the country where you live.

How are the production conditions monitored?

We have chosen the partners very carefully. The normal production audits and sustainability reporting are operations that are executed and monitored regularly.

Where I can download the application for my phone?

The application is available for IPhones via App Store, the application for Android phones via Google Play and for Window phones via Window store.

How I create a profile?

The application will require some information about you in order to make usage easy after you have downloaded it. You can also create a profile with Facebook Connection - your Muki application will then use your Facebook profile to create a Muki profile.

How I can connect to my Muki application?

Every Muki has a unique CUP ID-number. You can find the number on the bottom of Muki. The application will ask for this number and then you can click "Connect a cup" link. When you have hot coffee in your Muki, Muki's Bluetooth and your phone's application will find your Muki.

Can I use the application on IPad?

Yes, you can.