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Paulig Moomin Dark Roast Coffee 200g

Ground coffee
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Paulig Moomin coffees is a series of coffee blends. Together with moomins, it brings you through the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Taste minty spring, blueberry summer, medium roast autumn, and dark roast winter coffee.

PAULIG MOOMIN COFFEE DARK ROAST WINTER Roasted from the best of South American and Asian coffee beans. A soft, full-bodied coffee, which is suitable for all dark coffee lovers for all coffee moments. Roasted full-bodied flavour.

Flavor description: Smooth and gentle, dark bodied and a strong roasty aftertaste

Preparation methods: filter and moka pot

Legal name of the ingredient
Ground coffee
List of ingredients
100% sustainably sourced coffee
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