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Paulig Muki Ocean

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Paulig smart mug.

- Reusable plastic take away mug with integrated energy harvesting technology
- 2,7” e-paper display that’s powered by hot liquid
- Wireless Bluetooth connectivity to a smart phone
- Double case structure to protect the electronic parts
- Brilliant design to ensure good functionality
- No taste from the materials used
- Food safe and CE certified
- Designed in Finland, produced in EU
- Patent pending in the US, EU and several other markets
- 3,4 dl/ 11,97 fl oz. capacity
- Weight (empty with lid): Approximately 390g ±10g
- Lid color: Ocean

Instructions to use
It is easy to use Muki:
1. Download the Paulig Muki app from the app store
2. Upload images to your Muki
3. Pour hot coffee to your Muki and wait

Supported operating systems:
- iOS 8 or newer o Android 4.3 or newer o Windows Phone 8.1 or newer

List of iOs devices supported:
- iPhone 4S+ o iPad support in iPhone compatibility mode

List of Android devices supported:
- Devices with GATT profile support. Tested on major Samsung, HTC and Nexus models.

List of Windows Phone devises supported:
- Devices with GATT profile support, for example Nokia Lumia x30-series. Tested on Nokia Lumia 630.
Information of packing
- Package dimensions (W x D x H): 110 x 110 x 180 mm
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